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I’m going to stop

I’m going to stop writing and advocating for a little while. I still feel very strongly for people who are judged for their disorders and I still believe that someone needs to stand up and speak for them. Unfortunately, at least at this time, that person is not me. I’ve become very tired of people closest to me using what I share against me. It’s painful to be in an arguement with someone and they use my disorder against me like a weapon. It has literally caused a physical pain in my chest, like a stab, just not as painful (not that I know from experience) and it takes my breath away when it gets thrown in my face like a tool of war. And it’s happened more than once and now it’s being done in front of others. Since it doesn’t seem likely to stop anytime soon, I’m choosing to keep my mouth shut except to talk to my doctor. This decision pains and deeply saddens me but I don’t know what else to do at this point. Maybe I’ll check in every now and then, I don’t know. But for now, radio silence.

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